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Yards Creek Soaring
Soaring Competition

There are 2 two basic types of sailplane competitions. The first is the classic race where all gliders are towed aloft and then set off over a cross country course that is defined each day depending on the conditions. It is not very easy for people on the ground to follow what is happening during the race, and results are usually posted at the end of the day.

The second type of sailplane competition is the On Line Contest, or as soaring pilots call it OLC. In this competition pilots upload GPS traces of their flights to a server on the internet, where they are scored and posted for all to see. Pilots flying out of Yards Creek Soaring at Blairstown Airport, 1n7, are always among the top ranked in the nation.

Click here to see all the logged flights from 1n7. Clicking on the (i)nfo icon at the end of the line for any flight will bring up a map with the flight path traced on it.

Airport 1N7 - Yards Creek Soaring - 36 Lambert Road - Blairstown, NJ 07825 - 908-362-1239