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You never know who you will meet in the sport of soaring. Below is a list of some famous glider pilots.

  • Oriville Write flew unpowered planes before trying to mate an engine to any of his machines.

  • Wilber Wright flew unpowered planes before trying to mate an engine to any of his machines.

  • Charles Lindberg was the 9th person in the United States to earn a first class glider license.

  • Anne Lindberg was the 10th person in the U.S.A. and the first woman to earn a glider rating. She did it while on her honeymoon with Charles.

  • Christopher Reeve was an avid sailplane racer and earned his glider rating at 1N7 in Blairstown, NJ.

  • Steve McQueen did his own glider flying in the original version of "The Thomas Crown Afair". The glider he flew in that film is still registered and flying.

  • All the space shuttle pilots since the space shuttle is the largest glider ever built.

  • Hugh Downs flys gliders when not on TV.

  • John Kerry takes a break from politics by flying sailplanes

  • Cliff Robertson uses soaring as a break from acting.

  • Neil Armstrong flies gliders in addition to space ships.

  • Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenburger III, the hero of the Hudson, learned to fly gliders as a kid before he attended the Air Force Academy.

  • Mathew Fox, made famous by TV show "Lost" has been a glider pilot for years.

  • Cliff Robertson, who played JFK in "PT-109" holds a state glider distance record of 240 miles for the state of Nevada.
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