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Yards Creek Soaring operates a full glider flight training program in Blairstown, NJ near the Delaware Water Gap and Stroudsburg, PA. We are located just a short distance off of interstate 80 at either exit 4, if you are coming from the west, or exit 12 if you are driving from New York City and points east.

If you have ever dreamed of soaring like an eagle, there is no time like the present. You can take an introductory lesson with one of our F.A.A. Certified Flight Instructors. This first lesson will consist of a pre-flight briefing where the basics of sailplane flight will be explained followed by a flight in one of our gliders with the flight instructor. During the flight you will take the controls and learn how to make the sailplane do what you want it to do. How long you are in the air on this flight depends on weather conditions. Sailplanes stay aloft by using updrafts to gain altitude and can remain aloft for long periods of time under the right conditions.

You should be warned that the sport of soaring is very addicting and this first flight might lead to a life long avocation.

If you decide that soaring is for you a lesson plan that works with your schedule will be worked out. In most cases a lesson consists of some ground instruction before the flight, a flight where you and the instructor are towed to 3000 feet to learn and practice piloting skills and a period of ground instruction after the flight.

To become a licensed private pilot glider you will need to pass 3 F.A.A. exams. There is a written test about regulations, navigation, and how planes fly, an oral exam on much the same material, and a flight test. Our expert instructors will make sure you are well prepared not only to pass your F.A.A. exams, but also to be a confident safe pilot. There is no better way to learn to fly than in gliders. The best pilots in the world fly sailplanes for fun and to improve their skills.

Flight time in gliders and sailplanes counts for time needed for a private pilot single engine land and sport pilot ratings.

We have student pilots from New Jersey, New York, Connitcut, and Pennsylvania working on their private & commercial pilot glider rating now. Why wait? Learn to fly along the Kittatinny Ridge above the scenic Delaware Water Gap now!

Sailplane Rental and Instruction

  • Instruction - $40/hr

  • Schweizer 2-33 - $40/hr

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Airport 1N7 - Yards Creek Soaring - 36 Lambert Road - Blairstown, NJ 07825 - 908-362-1239