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Nestled at the base of the Kittatinny Mountain Ridge next to the Deleware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Yards Creek Soaring is a perfect vacation destination.

If you are a pilot with your own sailplane you will find plenty of parking for your trailer at our facility and great flying all year long because we can fly not just thermals and wave, but also the ridge when the winds are out of the northwest or southeast.

For the non-flying members of your family, and for pilots that want to do more than just fly on vacation there are many other outdoor activities near the airport. You can hike part of the Appalachian Trail or some of the other smaller trails in the area. Rafting and canoe trips on the Deleware River are always fun on a summer day. For those that prefer to ride The Double D Ranch offers horseback tours of the area. The Land of Make Believe Family Amusement & Water Park is just 6 short miles (by air) from the airport.

Our area also has plenty to offer those that prefer winter vacations. There are 7 ski resorts within a short drive of the airport. We fly all winter as long as the weather permits, so you can ski and soar all on the same vacation! We will not fly during an active winter storm, but snow on the ground does not stop our gliders or tow plane!

For those that love winter fun there are several ski resorts right in our back yard.

Soaring Vacation Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a power pilot, can I get my glider rating on my 2 week vacation?

    While in theory 2 weeks is enough time to get in the required flights and learn the needed skills in practice the weather may work against you. We also find that flying in a variety of conditions in different seasons produces a more skilled sailplane pilot, but if you want to fly everyday for two weeks we will fly every day that conditions permit. You might earn your glider wings!
  • I have never flown before, can I get my glider pilot certificate in 2 weeks?

    While you can become very skilled flying all day everyday for 2 weeks there is also a lot of "book study" that is required to pass the written exam for a pilot's license. This required study and our desire to make sure we only graduate skilled safe pilots means that we can not take you from zero to licensed pilot in two weeks. You can make a good start on earning your glider pilot wings on your vacation and we can put you in touch with a qualified soaring flight school to complete your training back in your home area.

  • Where can I stay in the area while flying out of 1N7?
    For the outdoors type there is camping nearby at several private campgrounds. If you prefer not to "rough it" there are several motels, hotels and Bed & Breakfast Inns a short drive from the airport.

  • I do not have time for a long vacation. What do I do?
    A day at Yards Creek Soaring is a perfect mini getaway.
Airport 1N7 - Yards Creek Soaring - 36 Lambert Road - Blairstown, NJ 07825 - 908-362-1239