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Yards Creek Soaring

Day Trip Adventure and Staycation

Are you looking for a fun adventure this season? Do you have limited time or budget, but still want more than six flags of fun?

Just 65 miles from New York City's Wall street in the heart of the Deleware Water Gap National Recreation Area a glider ride with Yards Creek Soaring makes the perfect 1 day mini adventure vacation.

Drive out in the morning, take a flight with one of our FAA Certified commercial pilots then have lunch at The Runway Cafe while watching the activity at the airport. You can follow this up with a hike on one of the local trails or some horseback riding for the most outdoor adventure you can pack into a single day.

Contact us to book your flight today!

Airport 1N7 - Yards Creek Soaring - 36 Lambert Road - Blairstown, NJ 07825 - 908-362-1239